Edition 2017

The 2017 edition featured as an undisputed protagonist “Chiara M”, documentary by director Cinzia TH Torrini that touched the heart of the audience through Chiara’s grace and deep serenity.

For the first time, the sharp humor of comedian Checco Zalone was tested  on the SMA Families spot: “E io chiamo la ricerca” (And then I’ll call research) introduced a revolutionary language in fundraising.

Telethon Foundation participated with a moving short “Mio fratello” (My Brother) by actor and director Giulio Base, in which 9-year old  Margherita tells with a smile the story of her brother, who is “special and always has been”.

Exciting is the adjective for “The journey of Manuel”, who wanted to celebrate his 30th birthday by gifting himself a trip to North Cape challenging muscular dystrophy that will slowly force him into a wheelchair. He wanted to prove to himself and to everyone else, that life is always worth being lived intensely, without any restrictions or barriers, no matter what problems you may have, or what difficulties you may have faced.

2017 was also the edition of the Ladri di Carozzelle present with their amazing drummer Giuseppe Sblendorio protagonist of the Spot “O anche No” produced by the Thieves of Carrozzelle, the Arcobaleno Cooperative and Scarti.

Strong emotions also came along with the Italian Huntington League that brought a spot on this rare and difficult neurodegenerative disease “Huntington’s disease has many faces”, and the association ACMT onlus-for the pathology Charcot Marie Tooth, a rare motor neuropathy, which produced a gracious spot “Aiutaci a stare in piedi” (Help us to stand up) with an exceptional testimonial, singer Ivana Spagna.


Finally, the 2017 edition has seen the return of two directors and friends of “uno sguardo raro”: Maurizio Rigatti, who presented his latest documentary “La forza della fragilità” The Force of Fragility” always by AST Association (Associazione Sclerosi Tuberosa) Onlus, and Roberto Saku Cinardi who proposed an intense short movie “In the woods” featuring actor and director Gabriele Mainetti.