Edition 2019

Raro ma non solo” (Rare but not alone)

This is the theme with which we have decided to launch the second call for entries for
“Uno Sguardo Raro”, the Rare Disease International Film Festival, with the deadline of 30 November 2018

The aim of “Uno Sguardo Raro” – the Rare Disease International Film Festival, is to show what it means to live differently and to encourage people, through the narrative of film and video, to think about how this particular subject can be recounted through innovative forms of communication with a high emotional impact. The sufferers of rare diseases and the patient organisations that support them throughout their daily lives, consisting of small and great achievements, have taken up the challenge to tell the world about their reality and consequently, over the years, have produced works in which their complex world is opened up to the public.

A disease is defined as RARE if it affects fewer than five people in 10,000. Extremely rare illnesses affect fewer than one person in a million. But whilst the illnesses are rare, the patients are not. In fact, according to the Orphanet network, there are over 1.5 million sufferers in Italy and, according to EURORDIS, the network of European RD alliances, we exceed 30 million in EUROPE. According to the MonitoRare report produced by the UNIAMO Federation, one patient in five is under 18 years of age, so we are talking about an actual community that we need to get to know better, because although the diseases are rare, those affected by them are not. The aim of “Uno Sguardo Raro” is to introduce the public to overwhelmingly moving stories and a new perspective on what it means to be ‘different’.

For the 2019 Festival, we published an online call for entries a few days ago and so far, have already received 150 works from 34 countries, on the theme that we have launched: “RARO MA NON SOLO” (RARE BUT NOT ALONE). It is important for the rare disease community to know that there are many of them and that, by sharing their experiences across different countries and cultures, they can learn to see things from other perspectives and dispel the feeling of isolation, which is one of the most common problems affecting young people with these illnesses.

The call for entries, with free registration, is open to professionals and non-professionals for Italian short films and international short films with a maximum length of 15 minutes, animated short films, also with a maximum length of 15 minutes, documentaries with a maximum length of 20 minutes and, new for this year, the “Uno sguardo raro” 30-second ad, restricted to all Italian university students, of film, arts and the performing arts, which not only deals with the theme of the world of rare diseases described from different angles, but which acts as an advertisement for the 2019 Festival. One of the key objectives of the forthcoming Festival is to involve an increasing number of young people, university students and those studying in the fields of art and communication, to raise awareness of the issue of rare diseases among a specific audience, with a view to encouraging, through their work, a greater understanding as well as greater social inclusion for this community. To this end, we are working in collaboration with some of the largest schools in the capital, also to offer these young people the experience of sitting on the People’s Jury at the 2019 Festival, which was extremely successful last year.

To take part, simply go to www.filmfreeway.com

The deadline for entries is 30th November 2018 and registration is free. The theme is the world of rare diseases described from different angles and works will be judged by a quality jury, followed by the award granted by the audience. The Festival will be held in Rome, at the Casa del Cinema on 2nd and 3th February 2019, and entry is free.

To find out more about research and knowledge in the field of rare diseases, we suggest the following links: