The festival

The festival

Uno Sguardo Raro” – the Rare Disease International Film Festival, is the cinema festival about rare diseases borned to tell what it means to live differently and stimulate a reflection, through narration, about how to translate a difficult topic in a new engaging communicative language, with a high emotional impact.

The rare patients and the associations of patients who accompany them on their daily journey, made up of small and great conquests, have taken up the challenge of telling the world about their world. So, over the years, they have produced works in which they open their complex universe to the public. The Festival talks about life and lives, existences that often dance a daily pas de deux with death and that for this reason are able to give you a different look, rare indeed.

The aim of Uno Sguardo Raro” is to bring the public closer to stories that can give overwhelming emotions and a new vision of this people.

La Story

Uno Sguardo Raro comes put from the meeting between the author and actress Claudia Crisafio and Serena Bartezzati, rare patient and professional in the field of communication. Both share Ingmar Bergam’s statement: “There is no form of art such as cinema to strike the conscience, shake emotions and reach the secret rooms of the soul”.
During the first two editions of the festival, in 2016 and 2017, were screened a series of commercials, short films and documentaries through the point of view of of the protagonists: directors, performers, the community of rare patients and its representatives.

During 2018 the event has been transformed into the International Film Festival, with a public Call for Spot, Short Films, Documentaries and Very Short Films for young authors, having the certainty that this was the right way to raise the attention on the rare community. In fact, over 900 people from 140 countries answered to this first call and also the participation of the people during the two days confirmed the success of the idea.

What is a Rare Disease and why the community of rare patients needs to be a network

About six thousand diseases that affect less than one person every five thousand are defined as “rare disease”: about 30 million people are estimated to be ill in Europe. In Italy there are 670 thousand people officially registered as “rare patients“, but over a million are estimated. This number increases significantly if we consider the family members involved in the assistance.


Many diseases are complex, serious, degenerative and disabling. These factors can lead to the impoverishment of the family, to its isolation and its breakdown. However, an early diagnosis and appropriate treatments permit to allow a good quality of life for some diseases.

The worst enemy of a rare patient and his family is the sense of isolation in front of his illness. The courage to face the battle comes also from knowing that you are not alone, but that there are formal and informal networks formed by patients, families, associations, doctors, specialists, national and international centers of research, of training and information, where each ring is a bearer of knowledge and protagonist of the change.

The community of rares it is courageous, positive, precursory border community, in spite of new languages ​​and new lifestyles, because for a rare patient and his family every breath is precious.

Who we are

NOVE PRODUZIONI is a non-profit, and non-political cultural association. Founded in February 2017 by the President Claudia Crisafio with the support of members belonging to the world of cinema and the community of rare patients, with the purpose of organizing the film event Uno Sguardo Raro.

The dissemination of culture as a tool for social integration and for raising awareness on issues of public interest are the social aims. Especially in the field of rare diseases, and above all to promote social actions through innovative visual communication, based on inclusive and ethical principles.