Through you, stories of siblings, a docunentary not to be missed

Through you, stories of siblings, a docunentary not to be missed

The more we enter the community of rare, the more we discover wonderful works, written and direct with the heart. Honored to be part of it, with emotion we announce the presentation of this wonderful documentary film about Siblings, brothers and sisters of those who live with a disability. Participation is free by booking at:

With the extraordinary participation of the voice of * Gigi Proietti *, the free patronage of the Lazio Region, of the Regional Council of Lazio, of Rome Capital, of the X Municipality of Rome and the partnership of “Uno Sguardo Raro – The Rare Disease International Film Festival” , in collaboration with FIRST (Italian Federation Network Support and Protection of the rights of persons with disabilities), the MUNICIPIO DISABLED CONCERNMENT X_ presents the new 2018 video: * “THROUGH YOU” * Stories of SIBLINGS.

The project, whose implementation took a whole year, collects the experiences and emotions of the brothers and sisters of people with disabilities: the SIBLINGS.
The testimonies collected, from an age ranging from 5 to 70 years, underline the fears, joys, sufferings, responsibilities and love that characterize a fraternal relationship above the canons of “normality”.

The aim of the new Film-Documentary will be to once again make society aware of the disability so that we can understand that helping, supporting and supporting those who take care of the most vulnerable is just as important as treating the fragile ones.

Written and directed by _Pamela Pompei_, with the original music of the OndeRoots and drawings by Daniela Mascaro, the national preview will be screened at Cineland, Viale dei Romagnoli 515, * Sunday 16 December 2018 from 10.30 *.

Participation in the event is free and upon reservation subject to availability.
To confirm your presence send an e-mail with the name, surname and number of people to the address

Immediately after the screening, the video, subtitled in four languages, will be visible on the Committee’s YouTube channel.


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