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The first USR Screenplay Competition has been launched with this purpose in mind; the prize is an intensive Screenplay Workshop organised by Fabbrica Artistica del Cinema school

First competition winners

The six winners of the first edition of the competition, Antonella, Andriuolo, Luca De Boni, Isabella Delle Monache, Emanuele, Lopez, Lisa Mannini and Donato Masi, have challenged themselves with the screenplay of a short film about interstitial cystitis, a difficult challenge because this disease is still not well known and, most importantly, it’s hidden.

The young students, led by teacher Dario Gorini, tackled the task with enthusiasm and created a delicate, sometimes dreamlike story that lightly sketches the difficulties of this disease, whilst allowing plenty of room for hope.

Thanks to the collaboration of Fabbrica Artistica and AICI onlus, the patients’ association for this pathology, we are working to create the first ever short film on interstitial cystitis. (Follow us on our social networks for all the latest news).


W ould you like to create a short film FOCUSED ON RARE DISEASES but you don’t know how to do it and where to start from? Are you ready to do it with us?

Uno sguardo raro sguardo raro launches the first edition of Uno sguardo raro lab: an intensive scriptwriting workshop for the production of a short film focused on rare diseases.