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Uno Sguardo Raro


“U no sguardo Raro Rare Disease International Film Festival chooses cinema as an art form to make invisible stories visible.

Films are a powerful weapon to shed a spotlight on rare diseases, increase their understanding and promote inclusion. A festival that features short films and docufilms from all over the world, which have been selected since 2016, involving independent filmmakers, production companies, public institutions, patients’ associations, scientific societies, the world of communication, pharmaceutical companies, and film school students.

An unparalleled festival, which has collected, from 2016 to the present:

Short films and feature films
People reached through the network of associations, caregivers, and artists
Awards given
Audience attendance
Doctors and healthcare executives
Institutions, partners, and supporters
Students and teachers
Online users

We collect and promote the best video works about rare diseases and disability through an international call for entries.

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Uno Sguardo Raro Lab: intensive scriptwriting and directing workshop for the production of a short film on the topic of rare diseases.

Would you like to present one or more short films, documentaries, commercials or films that we have promoted? Contact us and we will be happy to help!

  1. Uno sguardo raro

    1st FESTIVAL

    The first edition of Uno Sguardo Raro took place during Rare Disease Day 2016 and was organized in a few days thanks to the collaboration and support of UNIAMO FIMR onlus, the Italian Federation for Rare Diseases. The review was patronaged by Anac National Association of movie authors (Associazione nazionale autori cinematografici) e 100autori – an association dedicated to cinematographic and television authors, and was held at the Sala Kodak in Casa del Cinema di Roma achieving great success with the public and industry professionals. This positive feedback drove Claudia Crisafio and Serena Bartezzati, along with other members of the artistic and cultural community and the world of rare diseases..

  2. Uno sguardo raro

    2nd FESTIVAL

    The 2017 edition was held on February 25, again on the occasion of the RDD at the Casa del Cinema di Roma’s Deluxe Hall. In addition to the revived collaboration with UNIAMO FIMR onlus and the sponsorships of Anac and 100Autori, “Una sguardo raro” was supported by BIOGEN, a leading company in the biotechnology industry and, in the role of media partner, O.Ma.R, Osservatorio Malattie Rare. This has established a partnership with Concorso “Il Volo di Pegaso”, organized by Centro Nazionale Malattie Rare dell’Istituto Superiore di Sanità, and the Perugia Social Photo Fest that, once every two years, organizes…

  3. Uno sguardo raro

    3rd FESTIVAL

    In 2018, the event turned into an International Festival with the publication of a Call for Proposals for Commercials, Short Films, Docu-films and Short Films for young authors, confident that this was the right way to draw attention to the community of rare diseases. More than 900 authors and directors from 140 countries all over the world responded to this first Call for Proposals, and the participation of the public and the Patients’ Associations at the two shows has also confirmed the success of the idea. In this edition, the commercial #limitizero, a project dedicated to children and young adults suffering hemophilia created by the Osservatorio Malattie Rare made its debut…

  4. Uno sguardo raro

    4th FESTIVAL

    The 2019 edition has witnessed a great development of the Festival. The launch took place within Festa del cinema di Roma, where the first press conference of Uno sguardo raro, in association with Roma Lazio Film Commission, was held. The list of partners has widened remarkably, including, besides “Il Volo di Pegaso”, the historic competition of Centro Nazionale Malattie Rare del Istituto Superiore di Sanità, O.Ma.R, Osservatorio Malattie Rare, FERPI – Federazione Relazioni Pubbliche Italiane, the collaboration with “Disorders” – The Rare Disease Film Festival, which takes place in the United States, has been consolidated…

  5. Uno sguardo raro

    5th FESTIVAL

    It is the first and only film festival focusing on rare diseases at European level, and it collects and promotes the best video productions focusing on the theme of rare diseases and social inclusion through an international competition.

    The 5th edition has a very rich program; click on the button below to learn about the program of the 5th edition.