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Uno Sguardo Raro is a cultural project, which was born from the meeting of Claudia Crisafio, actress and author, and Serena Bartezzati, a rare disease patient and a communication professional. It was founded in 2016, as a simple film review at Casa del Cinema di Roma, as a contribution to the Rare Diseases Day. Then, in 2018, it became the first and only International Film Festival on the theme at European level.  It started promoting the best short films, documentaries and awareness raising videos, selected through an international competition, with the collaboration of both national and international public and private partners, belonging to the world of rare diseases, disability and the world of culture and cinema in particular. Our only “brother” is the Disorder Festival, created in the United States and now at the second edition.


he success achieved in recent years has pushed and motivated Uno Sguardo Raro’s organizers in expanding the cultural activities offered in the 2020 edition in 4 main areas. The core of the project is the realization of the Film Festival. The primary objective of the Festival is to break the wall of isolation, which often excludes the community of rare disease patients, through the cinematographic language, giving voice to the incredible stories of courage, resilience and love that arises, beyond the difficulties, in this context. Raising awareness about the living conditions of rare diseases patients and their caregivers is important to provide a new perspective on a community that courageously faces a different everyday life, but also to appreciate the gifts we have in our lives and often take for granted.

This is why we are happy to share with all of you this new look of Uno Sguardo Raro, branched into 4 macro areas.


We collect and promote the best video works on rare diseases and social inclusion through an international competition notice.

Do you want to vote for the Festival finalists and see the short films in competition? Subscribe now to our video platform, and vote for your favorite!

Uno Sguardo Raro Lab: an intensive scriptwriting workshop, for the creation of a short film on rare diseases.

Do you want to show one or more short films, documentaries, awareness-raising videos or films promoted by us? Contact us and we will be happy to collaborate!


Press Office

Mara Fux
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Social Media

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