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Uno Sguardo Raro


Uno sguardo raro

CINEMA: A RARE GLANCE (Uno Sguardo Raro),

During Lockdown the Festival opens it’s free streaming platform to stay near to it’s public
with a selection of the best works of the past years, as well as the finalists of the 2020 edition
while waiting for the public event in Rome


Rome, April 8th 2020  Uno Sguardo Raro (A Rare Glance) the Rare Disease International Film Festival is now online at www.unosguardoraro.org . With the new website it is possible to vote the finalists of the 2020 edition as well as view – on the PLAY section of the site – a selection of the best works from the past editions, while we wait the end of the lockdown to relaunch the Festival and all its events.



In this very difficult moment, a Rare Glance inaugurates a free streaming platform to donate a new perspective, the one that people that live with a rare disease or disability, with positivity and resilience  can offer. These Intense works, that come from all over the world, bring to light the extra-ordinary lives rare patients live and can teach everyone how important it is to enjoy every little pleasure life gives. We are very happy, furthermore, to give a chance to see these works to those who cannot physically participate at the screenings.

The online voting of the finalists of the 2020 edition for the Popular Jury Prize – one of the different Awards of the Festival – is officially open to users who will register on the dedicated section of the site. We hope that the public will support this new initiative of A Rare Glance by registering on the PLAY section of the new website www.unosguardoraro.org, voting for their favorit short film and following the activities on our Social Media,Facebook and Instagram.


A Rare Glance has become a big, four branched tree: the focus of the project is the Festival, the only international film festival dedicated to the theme of rare diseases in Europe, an issue on which it is necessary to keep the attention high even during the Covid-19 emergency because the community is very fragile and must be protected. For this reason, like many other of Italian  public and private enterprises A Rare Glance has not stoped. The other branches are: the new LAB section for the training and production of original audiovisual products on the subject of rare diseases; the distribution channel TOUR to make the best works travel and be screened in Italy and Europe; and lastly PLAY, the first free streaming platform of the best videos, short films, documentaries and awareness raising videos on rare diseases, disability, resilience, and more, selected by the Juries of  Festival Uno Sguardo Raro. (A Rare Glance)


The Festival received a Representative Award from the Chamber of Deputies, and for the third consecutive year the Medal of Merit of the Presidency of the Republic .It is Patronaged by: 100AUTORI, AGIS Scuola, ANAC, Assessorato Cultura del Comune di Roma, Biblioteche di Roma, Comune di Castel di Sangro, Comune di Velletri, Federsanità ANCI, Fondazione Mondino, Fondazione Telethon, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, MiBACT, Provincia dell’Aquila, Regione Lazio, Roma Lazio Film Commission, Rotary Club Ponte Milvio, UNIAMO FIMR onlus,  The partners who actively collaborate: Agenzia DIRE e DIRE GIOVANI, Associazione PA Social, Concorso letterario, artistico e musicale “Il Volo di Pegaso” of the National Centre for Rare Diseases of the Institute for Health, Art Factory, Faculty of Social Communication Sciences of the Pontifical Salesian University, FERPI-Federation for Italian Public Relations, Heyoka empath, Instituto cine-tv R. rossellini, O.ma.R – Observatory for Rare Diseases.  The Festival is realized with the contribution of “Good Practices, Reviews and Festivals” within the National Cinema Plan for the School promoted by MIUR and the mibact, and with the contribution of the Lazio Region and the Foundation Culture and Art, Operational arm of the Third Pillar Foundation – International chaired by Prof. Avv. Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele.The Festival is also made possible by the unconditional contribution of ROCHE, SOBI, TAKEDA and with the unconditional support of SANOFI, pharmaceutical companies also active in the field of rare diseases.




www.unosguardoraro.org; www.facebook.com/unosguardoraro/; Twitter @UnoSguardoRaro;  Instagram www.instagram.com/unosguardoraro; info@unosguardoraro.org


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